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An interview with the man who discovered the elusive tanning trend

An interview with the man who discovered the elusive tanning trend

By By Sarah KustokMay 15, 2018, 5:47amWith skin cancer rates rising in many parts of the world, one man from Australia is hoping to bring a measure of positivity to the global tanning industry.

Dr David Ritter, who has been researching tanning for nearly a decade, said he started noticing a new trend in 2015.

He said the trend was rooted in a growing trend among Australians, and was a natural response to rising rates of cancer.

“People were starting to see a lot more skin cancer,” Dr Ritter said.

“It was very popular for men, and also for women, because the risk of skin cancer is increasing.”

He said while it was easy to get the tan, the process was much more complicated and required more skill than most people would have had in the past.

“There is a lot of pressure to get a tan,” he said.

But he said he believed the trend could be a way to boost awareness of cancer and a way for Australians to support the work of the Australian Tanning Industry.

“What I have found is that there are people who are just getting on with their lives and have no intention of ever going back to tanning,” he added.

“They are going to do something for themselves or their family and it’s going to be a wonderful way to keep their skin healthy.”

Dr Ritter is a cancer researcher, and he has been studying the melanoma cells in the skin since the early 1990s.

He has published over 200 papers on the topic.

Dr Riper said he noticed a trend in men, who began to wear “slim-fitting” shirts and jeans, with no shirts or pants on, as a way of increasing their skin’s natural glow.

“I noticed the men started to wear these things,” he told ABC News.

“That was something that was very, very common.”

The idea of the tanning bar was introduced to Australia by a man in Brisbane in 2008, and the trend has spread to Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, the US, and even Europe.

Dr Mandy Tully is a dermatologist at the University of Queensland and the founder of the Skin Cancer Association of Queensland.

She said while the trend may seem like a little bit of an odd way to go about things, she believes it has positive benefits.

“This is an effective way to give a boost to the health of the skin,” Dr Tully said.

Dr Tully also said the fact that the trend can be so simple is one of its most appealing aspects.

“Because it’s so easy, it’s really a lot less difficult than it might seem,” she said.”[It] is also very appealing for people who want to get it done as fast as possible, and for people with chronic skin conditions who may be more prone to sunburns and skin cancer.”

She said many Australians would benefit from the tan as it would help reduce their risk of cancer, as well as help them maintain their physical and mental health.

“A tan is very important for the skin to look like it is going to last longer,” Dr Mandy said.

However, Dr Tulu said it was important to keep in mind the risk factor for skin cancer.”[The trend] has not been tested for efficacy, but there have been reports of some people actually dying from melanoma,” she added.

She added that it was not clear how many Australians were affected by the trend, but she hoped that research would lead to a better understanding of the disease.

“As an Australian, I am very proud to have my skin treated and treated well,” Dr Sully said, “and it’s a shame that people are dying.”


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