Des Moines losing inches and trim and tone for VACU steps

Des Moines losing inches and trim and tone for VACU steps

Des Moines (AP) Des Moines lost a lot of inches at the VACUs steps, trimming and tone to create a more streamlined look.

The school’s athletic director, Steve Johnson, said the changes are in the works, and the changes will take effect March 31.

They include the addition of a new athletic clinic to the indoor and outdoor facilities, which will feature a full-size elliptical, barbells and squat racks.

The indoor gym also will be renovated with a new equipment room, an indoor gymnasium and a new team training area.

The outdoor facility will have new turf and new equipment.

Johnson said the indoor facility will be remodeled to fit in with the rest of the campus.

The new facility will include a full size elliptical gym, bar and squat rack, new equipment rooms, an outdoor gymnasia and a team training center.

The VACu Steps were built by the Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Association (IIAA) to provide an alternative to traditional indoor sports in Iowa.

Johnson says the new indoor gym is intended for more athletes, and will offer a different experience than the traditional gymnasial facility.

The steps also will have an added emphasis on running, a sport that Johnson says is not represented on campus.

“I think it’s really important that they have an emphasis on both indoor and out of doors, and that they are a facility that you go to and get an experience,” he said.

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