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Hockey fans will soon be able to take a selfie in a rink in Des Moines

Hockey fans will soon be able to take a selfie in a rink in Des Moines

IA, Yoga, Des Moines, Vacu Step is launching a new mobile app in a bid to bring the yoga community a new, social outlet.

Des Moines Yoga, which is owned by the Des Moines-based company Vacuzone, launched the app earlier this year to allow participants to practice in the comfort of their own homes.

The app will be available in DesMoines’ metro area.

Vacuzones founder Michael Soderberg said the app will provide a platform for the local yoga community to connect and share the joys of yoga.

“It’s a platform that brings people together and it’s a way for people to find each other,” Soderbergh said.

“We think it’s going to really help us to be more engaged with our local community.”

Des Moines has a yoga center that was founded in 1912.

In 2017, the DesMoine City Council approved a new yoga park, and the Des Moines city manager has said she will begin work to bring in a yoga studio in the next year.

Vic T. Hall, founder and CEO of the Desmoines Yoga Alliance, said he is excited to see more people embrace yoga in Desmoine.

“We have a lot of great yoga teachers in the city, and I think this app is going to help us really get those teachers out to the community,” Hall said.

The DesMoins yoga program started in Des Moine in 2002, and has grown to include over 3,500 members, according to the Des MOines City Manager’s Office.

DesMoines yoga programs are available in several areas in the Des moines area.

It is available at all of the City of DesMoines public schools, as well as at the DesMOines Community College and the community health center.

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