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How to tan in the new tanning industry

How to tan in the new tanning industry

As the global economy heats up, the demand for tanning has grown.

But with demand for cosmetic products has gone as well.

The US is home to the world’s largest tanning beds, with tanning salons sprouting across the country, from Los Angeles to Portland.

But not everyone wants to use a tanning bed, especially if it’s not properly sterilised.

A new study from the International Tanning Industry Association (ITIA) found that about half of US salons and cosmetic facilities do not have sterilised machines or machines that are fully sterilised, and that many companies don’t have staff to ensure this is the case.

The ITIA said the lack of sterilised equipment and facilities meant tanning can be dangerous for workers.

“Many of the tanning facilities that we’ve looked at in the past, they were really good at sterilising their machines, but they were not really aware of the need to sterilise their equipment and the equipment itself, which is a concern,” said ITIA chairman and CEO David A. Ruppel.

The new study found about two thirds of salons were unable to sterilize their machines and machines had a failure rate of between 50 and 80 per cent.

The study found one in five facilities were unable or unwilling to sterilised their equipment, with a failure rates of at least 40 per cent for sterilisation and at least 80 per part for sterilising and disinfecting equipment.

Some salons reported that they were unaware that sterilising equipment and equipment was required.

While some salons required staff to clean equipment before use, others required staff only to clean sterilised and disinfected equipment.

Ruppel said he expected to see a change in the way salons do business in the US, particularly as demand for skin care products continues to grow.

“We expect the industry to continue to evolve and we expect that this will become a bigger and bigger part of the landscape,” he said.

“I think the big challenge that we face is to keep pace with what’s happening with the economy and what’s going on in terms of technology and what is becoming available to the industry.”

Mr Rupple said the ITIA would be taking a closer look at the industry over the next year, but noted that the industry still had a long way to go.

“What we do know is that it’s still the majority of the industry that doesn’t have a proper sterilised machine, and it’s the majority that doesn´t have a sterilised sterilised process, and so that’s the reason why we’re trying to work with them to educate them,” he explained.

“They need to educate themselves and we need to be doing all we can to educate the industry, to help educate them and to give them the tools that they need to keep up.”


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