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July 2021 < Des Moines Spa: Lose inches, Infrared Sauna & Tan

How to Lose An Inch at Work

The following is a collection of tips to keep your job at a higher level of comfort:1.Keep a log of your personal grooming.Every day, do the following:Remove your makeup and hairbrush from the cabinet, and keep it in a separate cabinet or a closet.Remove your clothes, socks, and shoes from the closet and place them in a place where you […]

How to trim and tone your body with a spa and trimming aids

Get the scoop on trimming and tone with these spa and skin care products.Trimming and toning will make your skin feel soft and supple and make it feel younger, smoother, and younger looking.So what’s the deal with trimming?Trimming involves removing excess skin cells, called dermal papillae, from the skin and removing excess hair from the scalp.These cells are the primary […]

What the hell is this place?

The title for this article is a bit misleading.A lot of it, I think, is the title of the book itself.The title of this article, however, is a lot more important.The Lost In Space podcast has been around for about a year now, and it’s been around in a few forms since its launch in November.It’s a very special place.The […]

What’s the best way to tan your body?

Losing inches can be a frustrating and painful experience for many women.But while there are several brands that offer products that will help you lose more than 1 inch a day, it’s not always as easy as you might think.Here are some of the best ways to lose inches.1.Sunscreen2.Lotion3.Tissue Conditioner4.Facial Cleanser5.Skin Care6.Hair Loss Shampoo1.First-Aid: Apply this product immediately after a […]

How to avoid sunburns in the gym

The first thing to remember about yoga is that it’s very difficult to do when you’re sweating, and most people have some degree of skin that makes it hard for them to sweat.So even if you’ve taken a few steps towards being less sweaty, you can still get a lot of sunburn.A common mistake I see people make is to […]

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