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Yoga guru steps down from Yoga Alliance board

Yoga guru steps down from Yoga Alliance board

Yoga Alliance has decided to step down from its board of directors following revelations of a conflict of interest involving former CEO Ashish Chopra.

Chopra resigned on Monday from the board of Yoga Alliance, after it emerged that he had paid himself $100,000 in consulting fees and expenses.

The Yoga Alliance was created in 2002 by the founder of a yoga school in India to promote a yoga-based fitness program.

Its goal was to provide yoga-related products and services to its members.

According to The Hill, Chopra and his wife are now working together as the chairman of Yoga Institute of India, a private company.

Chapra’s resignation from the Yoga Alliance Board of Directors comes just days after the National Commission for Women found that he was a conflict-of-interest witness during the probe into the scandal surrounding the hiring of an assistant director of the agency to a yoga teacher in his wife’s office.

According a report in the Indian Express, the probe found that Chopra was the one who had recruited the assistant director.

In his resignation letter, Chopras said he had “implemented a strict policy to eliminate conflict of interests in the organisation.”

Chopras, who is the founder and chief executive officer of the Yoga Institute, has been involved in the yoga industry for decades, including as the founder, founder and chairman of the first yoga studio in India, as well as a teacher in the United States.

The institute also has a campus in India’s capital, New Delhi, and its first classes in the US are taking place in May.

Chowdhury has also been linked to several yoga-themed brands including Nurture-to-Life, a brand focused on the use of yoga, and Nurturists.

The yoga-focused clothing brand Nurtured Life, meanwhile, has products that feature yoga-specific items.

Chawdhury was the founder in 2000 of Nurturing-to

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