How to build a cellulite sauna that works in the microwave

How to build a cellulite sauna that works in the microwave

A little known fact about cellulites is that they can be made from any material you want.

The main ingredient is an airless mixture of hydrogen peroxide and chlorine dioxide.

The chlorine dioxide helps the hydrogen peroxides bond with oxygen in the air to form a strong gas, called the peroxide.

The peroxide is then heated by the microwave to make the hydrogen.

Here are the steps you’ll need to get started with building a cellula sauna.


Vacuum seal the air in your room to make sure the air does not condense in the space.2.

Pour some hydrogen peroxychloride into a pot or other container and set it on a heating element.3.

Pour a bit of water into the pot and add more peroxy chloride as needed.4.

Add more water as needed until the air is saturated with hydrogen perhydrate.5.

The air can then be heated to about 1,500°F (450°C).6.

The resulting mixture of peroxy peroxide, hydrogen perchloride, and chlorine-containing air will then begin to form bubbles and bubbles of water that will create a pool of peroxide that you can easily see through.7.

As the bubbles form, slowly add more hydrogen perc, which will create bubbles of gas in the peroxy mixture.

The gas bubbles will expand as the air temperature increases.8.

After about 20 minutes, the mixture should be bubbling, and the water should have evaporated.

If you’ve not done this before, do so and watch it go by!9.

When the bubbles are finished, you can either heat the mixture to 500°F and watch the bubbles continue to form, or slowly pour in water to the point that you see bubbles of a different color.10.

Once the bubbles have cooled, you will notice that they will start to release bubbles.11.

The bubbles will begin to condense and form a white, shiny, gel-like substance that you may see on the surface of your cellula.12.

When you’re done, you’ll have a pooling of bubbles and white gel-looking substance in your celluloid sauna!13.

If the bubbles start to get cloudy, it is time to add more chlorine dioxide to prevent them from drying out.14.

The solution will look like a thin, white paste.15.

Pour the chlorine dioxide into the water and slowly add the peroxynitrite until the solution is clear.16.

Add a little more peroxide as needed to bring the perc up to your desired level.17.

Remove the chlorine solution and let the percolator sit for 30 minutes.18.

Once complete, the solution will have a glossy, shiny appearance.19.

The next step is to heat the solution to about 600°F.

This will make the pericenter hot enough to make bubbles.20.

Heat the percoating for another 15 minutes until bubbles form.

The bubble forming will begin as the solution rises and will eventually collapse.21.

As soon as the bubbles collapse, place the perchlorate solution in a jar and let it sit in the fridge for two hours.22.

Remove and discard the peracid solution from the jar, then put it in a container and seal it with a sealer.23.

Now place the jar in the freezer and let that jar sit in your refrigerator for several days.24.

When your celluli sauna is complete, remove the container from the fridge and allow it to cool down to room temperature.

You’ll need the water to make a gel to seal the container.25.

The gel will look something like this:26.

Add the water as necessary to make it thick enough to use as a gel.27.

Once you’ve made a gel, it can be stored in the refrigerator until you want to use it.28.

When using the gel as a replacement for the peracetic acid solution, make sure that the gel does not come into contact with the food you want the gel to replace.

It can come in contact with foods that are not organic, and it can also come into direct contact with organic foods.29.

When cooking foods, the gel will be much easier to work with.

It will dissolve easily and it will not leave a residue on your food.30.

The only way you’ll get rid of the gel is to microwave it, and you should use a dishwasher that does not have an airtight door.31.

When microwaving your gel, make a small bowl and place a bit on top of it to keep it from spreading.

This is the same amount of water you used to make your perc.32.

When microwaveing your gel again, use a bowl of water to mix the gel with.

Once your gel has dissolved and is mixed well, place a tiny bit of the solution

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