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Iowa spa: An indoor/outdoor Spa for $8 million

Iowa spa: An indoor/outdoor Spa for $8 million

The owners of Iowa’s first indoor/outsider spa announced plans to build a $8.4 million indoor and outdoor structure at the former C&O Arena in Des Moines.

The project is part of a larger renovation to the arena, which is currently undergoing renovations and has been vacant since April.

The new structure will house an indoor and an outdoor spa.

It will be designed by John Stauber, an architectural architect from California.

Stauber said the project will allow the company to bring its existing indoor facility to a new home.

The company plans to open the new space in 2019.

The indoor spa will include a shower, two private bathrooms and a shared living area, according to the company.

The owners have been looking for an indoor space in Des-Oreskos for more than a decade, and now are finally getting their wish.

Iowa State University said the renovation of the arena will allow them to open their first indoor and/or outdoor Spa.

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