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‘It’s the first time I’ve ever felt comfortable’: Woman who tried a sauna for the firsttime says she felt ‘frightened’

‘It’s the first time I’ve ever felt comfortable’: Woman who tried a sauna for the firsttime says she felt ‘frightened’

A woman from South Korea who tried sauna therapy for the only time has said she feels “frightening” after her first experience.

In a story for the South Korean news outlet, The Wall Street Journal, Choi Min-hyeong, 23, said she felt “frozen” after “just two sessions”.

The 24-year-old, who had previously experienced a panic attack, said that after “getting to know my body and being comfortable with my body”, she was “very happy”.

“I’m not used to being this confident and confident, so I was surprised by my first sauna session,” she said.

“I was feeling pretty relaxed.”

Choi said she “got so calm” after the session and felt “happy” after feeling “awash” during the first session, but “it was just too soon”.

“Before that, I was like, ‘I can’t do this anymore,'” she said, “but now I’m feeling so confident.”

Choi, who said she has a boyfriend, has tried the sauna several times since she started her studies in 2015, but she did not think she would actually become a saunter.

Choi said her body felt “really comfortable” and “really relaxed”, and she “felt like I could control my breathing”.

“When I came out of the saunters, I felt like I felt really good.

I felt comfortable and like I didn’t need to worry about anything,” she added.

“But the next time I tried it, I wasn’t so happy.”

The sauna is one of a number of therapeutic exercises offered by sauna companies that cater to people who have been diagnosed with anxiety.

But the latest study by the journal, which analysed data from more than 7,000 sauna sessions, said there was “limited evidence” that sauna use improves people’s anxiety.

The journal said it was “more difficult to identify and evaluate” the effect of these interventions on anxiety and depression than the standard treatments.

“For sauna patients, there is limited evidence to support the use of sauna products as a therapeutic intervention for anxiety or depression,” it said.

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