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What to do if you lose a foot? Experts say it’s the wrong thing to do

What to do if you lose a foot? Experts say it’s the wrong thing to do

LOS ANGELES — A month after a friend was shot and killed by a man wielding a butcher knife while he tried to kill his fiancee, experts say it is the wrong move to trim and tone your nails.

Trimming and toning nails can actually cause permanent damage to your nails and cause more complications, experts said.

Experts say that if you’re trimming or toning your nails, it’s not the right thing to try to do because it could lead to the loss of more than one foot.

Loss of 1/2 foot is more serious and permanent than loss of 2/3 foot, said Dr. Kevin C. McKean, an orthopedic surgeon in Los Angeles who specializes in the treatment of people with nail problems.

Dr. McKeean said it’s best to trim or tone nails once or twice a week to keep them from getting too long or too thin, because they can grow and become brittle.

“If you’re doing a toning, it will be done at the same time as you’re trying to prevent it from growing longer or thinner,” McKeans advice said.

“You want to trim nails at the point where they’re not too long and thin.”

If you have to do a lot of nail trimming, you need to do it very carefully, he said.

If you don’t know how to trim a nail, it may be best to cut it with scissors or use a nail-removal machine, he added.

Nail-removing machines can cause the nail to grow longer or more easily than necessary, so it is better to try it once a week, McKeanes said.

Nails can also grow from one foot to the other, McKeesons said.

A person can lose an inch or two or even more, depending on how long they’ve been growing.

If your nails are long, it is best to get a professional nail technician to trim your nails with a thin and light nail trim tool.

You don’t need to have a professional, McKeefe said, because professional technicians don’t have to know how long your nails have grown and can take care of you.

The more time you spend trimming your nails the longer it will take to grow them back to their original size.

Trying to trim too much will only make them grow too thin.

Nail-trimming machines, for example, are designed to only trim a certain size.

Nails with too many knots or knots can grow longer than they need to, so the machine will only trim the right amount of length.

The machine needs to be set to trim the length of the nail and not cut into the nail at the tips, Mckeeans said.

The nail can also shrink and grow at different rates depending on the length you have grown it, so there is a limit to how much it can grow.

Nailing machines can be expensive and they’re designed for people with more money, Mckeans said, so try to trim them only once a month or two to keep costs down.

“It’s better to have someone trim your whole nail than to try and trim a tiny piece of it,” he said, adding that if a nail is too long, a professional can trim it more quickly.

The doctor suggested people trim a foot, then trim their other foot and then try to cut off the nail from both of their feet.

Dr McKeen said trimming two nails in the same day is a good idea because that is the quickest way to get them all the way to the end.

“That way you can keep the nails healthy,” Mckees said.

There are other things you can do to protect your nails if you trim too little, including getting a tattoo, using nail clippers to trim away the excess nail, and using a nail comb or nail trimmer.

If you do these things, the nail can grow back to its original length and the nail will stay put, he suggested.

Dr Krieger McKeane, a nurse practitioner and orthopedist, said people who trim nails too often may have skin infections or have other problems.

“I think people that are doing too much trimming are going to have skin problems,” she said.

“They may have a nail infection or they may have other skin problems.”

The doctor said people should trim and trim as many nails as they can before having a tattoo or nail clipper.

“When you do it once, and you’re done, you should probably take it off, ” McKeann said.

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