Which brands make you happiest?

Which brands make you happiest?

You’re probably more than happy to buy a new pair of shoes every year, and that’s the good news.

But what if you can’t be bothered to put the money in?

According to a new survey by the shoe and apparel company Whetstone, it’s the men’s and women’s brands that are actually getting the most bang for your buck.

The survey found that men’s brands are paying a premium on brand loyalty, and women aren’t, with men spending nearly $50 more per pair than women.

Men’s brands like Adidas, Nike and Reebok also earn the most on sales, while women’s are paid a little less per pair.

It’s a pretty clear gender bias.

The survey found, for example, that men spend more on clothing, and men are also more likely to buy men’s apparel.

That doesn’t mean women are spending less on clothing; they’re just paying more on their overall spending.

The survey also found that the majority of men who shopped for men’s clothing in 2016, and for men in general, bought it in a casual way.

About half of men (50%) bought it on the weekend, and more than a third (36%) bought on a weekday.

The average spend per pair was $60, while the average spend on men’s footwear was $56.

The study also found some interesting patterns.

For men, the average spending per pair of men’s shoes was up slightly from last year.

But men’s spend on women’s shoes fell slightly, while overall women’s spending rose.

For women, the study found that women are actually spending more on men than women on men.

This may have to do with women’s tendency to shop for men.

The women’s shopper survey found the average amount spent on women was $46, while men’s was $44.

Whetstone’s study found a similar trend for women’s and men’s hair care.

Women spent more on hair care than men, but women are also spending less overall on hair.

Men and women who shop for the same brands are spending more overall on the products they buy.

For example, women’s hair products are up slightly for men, and the average price per pair is $41.

For women, hair products like bar soap, conditioner, and shampoo are up $10.

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