Yogi Adityanath’s New Mission: Get to Know Yourself

Yogi Adityanath’s New Mission: Get to Know Yourself

Yogi has promised to take the world to a new level.

The Chief Minister’s New Life Mission is set to begin this week.

The Yogiadityananda Foundation (GIF) has given a Rs 10 crore grant for a new programme aimed at ‘improving the health and wellness of children and adolescents’ and aims to provide ‘sustainable’ health care for all.

The plan, to be launched by the chief minister in Lucknow, has already raised more than Rs 1.1 crore.

The organisation is the only one of the four main funding streams that Yogi and his wife, Priya, are seeking from the state government to implement the ‘New Life Mission’.

According to the ministry, the project will target the poor and the vulnerable.

In a video posted on YouTube, the Chief Minister said, ‘A few years ago, I had to be at the airport when I took a flight to New Delhi.

I was sitting next to a young woman who had just passed away in a hospital and she was very excited.

She was in her 40s, her eyes were open and she said to me, “I had no hope.

My daughter died because I couldn’t do anything.

It was the first time I was really happy, I was crying”.’

I want to change her world’Yogiaditya said the initiative would work for both the individuals and the organisations that were behind the project.

The foundation, he said, has set aside Rs 10,000 for each child and will provide the rest to each organisation.

‘I want them to realise that this is not only for themselves.

I want them, and the children and youth who are facing this crisis, to realise, this is for everyone, for every child and every youth, and not just for themselves,’ Yogi said.

Yogi said he had personally spoken to the families of the victims.

‘If the government would support them, I would have never had to make the decision, he added.

The chief minister said he was inspired by the story of Kailash Satyarthi, the late Nobel Prize-winning scientist who died of lung cancer in the 1990s after being prescribed medicine to treat his condition.

‘It is an inspiring story.

It’s not only me, it is the whole world.

We all have to learn from it, Yogi added.’

We will create a future where every child is safe and free from illness, disease and neglect.

We will empower them to change their lives and realise their dreams.

We want them and the next generation of people who will follow them, to become leaders of this new era.’

The Yogis are expecting the mission to take several forms, including offering classes, workshops and training sessions.

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