10,000+ people are getting the sauna for the first time

WASHINGTON — The National Institutes of Health has awarded $25 million to develop an infrared sauna that would be able to provide a safe, effective and low-cost way to heat and cool a person’s body.The infrared saunaball could provide access to a warm sauna to help people get rid of heat-related illness and help prevent cold-related injuries and deaths, said […]

Which is the best cellulite brand?

The cellulite craze is on the rise.With more than 50 brands on the market, there’s definitely a demand for brands that promise to help you stay clean.We asked five experts to rank them, and we think the results are worth considering.1.A Perfect Solution for Those with a Weak Foot: Aloe vera The brand is known for its gentle, natural-looking gel […]

You can use your voice for good: The new trend in voice therapy

“You’re going to feel a lot more confident,” said Laura Bock, who studies voice therapy at the University of Washington.“That’s going to give you more energy.”That energy will help you feel more energized and able to perform better in your daily life.In addition, the more you practice, the less likely you are to develop any psychological problems, said Sarah Wojcik, […]

How to lose inches in India

A month ago, a new study was released on the effectiveness of the Yoga Sutras in shedding pounds, shedding inches, losing weight and losing fat.The Yoga Sutra, which is based on the Hindu belief system, says: “For the body to be healthy, it must be full of good vibes and happy thoughts, and be nourished by the pure, bright, and […]

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