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How to keep your hair from turning gray at home

How to keep your hair from turning gray at home

In the days since I shared a photo of my gray hair and makeup, I’ve been inundated with comments and messages.

Many are supportive, but many are not.

Some have expressed disappointment with the makeup I used for my hair.

Others have said that I have to “go back to white,” which, as you might expect, does not sit well with some of my readers.

So here are a few things you can do to keep the look from turning into gray hair: 1.

Wear light makeup in the mornings.

I often wear a simple, medium-dark foundation with a light, medium coverage.

I find it works well for all hair types, and my naturally-colored hair is usually a little darker than my black hair.


Use a high-purity serum and a conditioner for your hair.

These days, a lot of people are using conditioners and serums.


Choose the right hair products.

I usually go with a blend of both natural and synthetic hair products to avoid harsh, irritating products that can cause breakage.


Choose a color that you like.


Keep your hair hydrated.

If you don’t like to take breaks from your routine, it’s also a good idea to avoid using a condition or moisturizer in the morning.


Apply your hair extensions as often as you like to help keep it soft and manageable.


Use conditioner with your shampoo and conditioner.

I recommend using a soft conditioner that’s designed to work with your hair, and I use a hair conditioner from the brand Makeup Genius.


Don’t overdo it with the conditioner or your shampoo.

I do a lot more conditioning with my shampoo, and the results are good.


Make sure to use a light makeup and hair care product in the afternoon.

I apply my natural makeup as often in the evenings as I do the mornings, which helps me get a natural look.


Make your hair care routine a priority.

Makeup has become so popular that it is now becoming a regular part of my routine.


Try the new hair products on sale.


Get a new hair care brush.


Make new hairstyles that match your style.


Add a bit of sparkle to your hair with some accessories.


Make a special day for your special someone.


Donate some of your hair to charity.


Buy some beauty products from local beauty supply stores.


Get your nails done.


Make an appearance at your local beauty store.


Use products to protect your skin.


Use the products you’ve been using to protect the natural hair that you have.


Buy a hair mask and apply it on your hair when you want to prevent the shine from turning your hair brown.


Use an oil-based product to protect hair.

I love the products that have oil-free, natural-looking formulas.


Use mascara to highlight your hair and make it stand out.


Get some facial makeup for a healthy, youthful appearance.


Use moisturizers in your hair products when you are feeling oily or dry.


Wear a long, thin hairstyle.


Use makeup to cover up any blemishes on your face or hair.

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