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Obama: We need to take a look at the whole picture

Obama: We need to take a look at the whole picture

The president said the new investigation into Russia’s role in the 2016 election is an “ongoing” investigation and is looking into whether anyone on the campaign colluded with Moscow.

Obama said it is too soon to talk about who was involved, but he noted there are many questions that need to be answered.

“This is an ongoing investigation.

It’s not over,” Obama said, speaking about a separate report in The Wall Street Journal that found Democrats may have violated campaign finance laws by improperly using foreign money to buy ads in the run-up to the election.

“We don’t know for sure whether that was done in any way with the intent of changing the outcome of that election.”

He said he was “deeply concerned” about the prospect of future meddling in American elections and called on Russia to turn over evidence.

“We should do everything we can to find out who is doing this, and we should do it aggressively,” Obama added.

Obama added that he would take steps to increase sanctions against Russian officials involved in the campaign, including by requiring the country to register as a foreign agent and disclose any funds raised.

The new sanctions have already triggered a flurry of activity from Russian officials, who have reacted angrily.

The country has already taken action against three former officials.

The Associated Press has learned that former Defense Secretary Robert Gates is also being targeted for a year in a Russian prison.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is believed to have ordered the new sanctions in retaliation for U.S. sanctions against Russia for its annexation of Crimea and support for separatists in eastern Ukraine.

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