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Wearing tanning bed for the first time, dad loses weight to achieve healthy weight loss

Wearing tanning bed for the first time, dad loses weight to achieve healthy weight loss

Wearing a tanningbed for the very first time is not for everyone.

Des Moines, Iowa (TalkSport) — A dad in his mid-50s lost more than 20 pounds to reach a healthy weight.

In the process, he also gained confidence, confidence in himself, a new appreciation for the sun, and a new love for the outdoors.

“I’ve always had a tan,” said Jeff Leach.

Leach, whose family has owned Leach’s Tanning Bed in Iowa City for 20 years, said the sun helps him see how far he’s come since his childhood days in Florida.

He said he’s happy with his weight loss, which he’s now in the “right direction” after losing more than 25 pounds in six months.

The family, which has owned the business for more than 40 years, says it’s a big step forward.

They have had to make changes to their routine and lifestyle.

While they are currently not allowed to wear tanning beds, they have been getting help from a professional tanning salon.

Jeff Leach said he has been wearing a tan since his teens, and that it’s allowed him to become more comfortable in his skin.

After being at the bottom of his weight for more years, Leach decided to put in the work to make his body look the way he wanted it to.

With a new tan, Leaching, who weighs 200 pounds, says he feels like he has gained confidence in his appearance.

I’m so happy I’ve gotten to where I am, he said.

But Leach also said that it was a long road for him to reach his goal.

It took him years to get there, he added.

During his first year of using the tanning room, Leaches family lost nearly 40 pounds.

As the weight came off, he says he realized he needed to change.

For him, it was about more than losing weight.

Leach was also motivated to lose weight to have more fun and experience his children and grandchildren.

This is my kid, he thought.

Leaches son, who was also on the diet, noticed his father was feeling better and started taking him out for dinner.

That led to an even bigger motivation for him.

When Leach returned home, he started eating a healthy diet and stopped exercising.

Leachers son also lost nearly 50 pounds.

Now, the family is trying to maintain the weight they gained.

A new approach to weight loss has Leach believing he’s on track.

At the age of 76, he has lost the weight he was before the diet.

If he can stay on the healthy weight he has now for a full year, Leech said he could be the first person to reach that goal.

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