The next generation of yoga in Des Moines is the tanning studio

DALLAS (AP) With a lot of people looking for more fitness and wellness options in the suburbs, yoga studio owners are looking for something to fill the gap.

The Des Moines-based Vacu step has opened a boutique in downtown Des Moines that offers classes for people looking to work out in a private setting.

Yoga studio owners say they are opening in a city that is often overlooked for its yoga culture and the opportunities for students to learn the art of yoga, including the new classes offered at the boutique.

“I think it’s a great fit for the community and I’m looking forward to working with them,” said Vacu Step founder and CEO Alex Choo.

He said he wants the boutique to offer classes in English and Vietnamese and in the coming months is opening a class in Spanish.

The idea for Vacu steps came from a business student who started a group of people who wanted to learn yoga in a quiet, uncluttered space in downtown Iowa.

Choo said he and his business partner decided to open a boutique after being struck by how busy it was in downtown Chicago.

“We decided to do something that we could actually live and work in and get paid,” Choo told The Associated Press.

Choon said the boutique will be located in the heart of downtown Des.


Chua said he is looking forward for students who want to get back to the studio to start working on yoga.

“This is a great opportunity for them to get their feet wet,” Chua told the AP.

“It’s something they’ve never done before and something they are going to learn as they progress.”

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