Which city is the best for yoga and meditation?

A new survey suggests that the best city for yoga in Iowa is Des Moines, Iowa.

The survey, conducted by the National Yoga Alliance, found that Des Moines was the top choice for yoga among the city’s residents, followed by Madison, Iowa, and Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

In total, the survey found that 72 percent of respondents said that they would recommend Des Moines to their friends and family if they could, while just 25 percent said they would consider staying home if they had to.

Other cities that were considered for the survey included Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, and Washington, D.C. The results of the survey were collected by the Des Moines Yoga Alliance from a sample of 4,000 respondents from February 1 to April 5. 

The survey included questions about the health and fitness of the people in the area, their lifestyle, and their expectations for their community. 

Yoga was also mentioned as a way to support the local economy, which is what it does well.

“Yoga is a great way to provide for local business and provide a source of economic opportunity for our local communities,” the survey said.

“It’s an important part of the local community.

Yoga is a form of community.

It’s a social activity, and the more people participate in it, the better off our community is.” 

The Yoga Alliance’s survey, which was done for the national Yoga Alliance and was commissioned by the Greater Des Moines Chamber of Commerce, found “strong support for the benefits of yoga and exercise for the health of all communities.”

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