When it comes to tanning, Des Moines, not Perth, is the new goldmine

When it comes to tanning, Des Moines, not Perth, is the new goldmine

AUSTRALIA’S second-biggest city is finally taking the plunge into the tanning industry.

The Australian Capital Territory is the first state to get its own, private tanning parlour with two locations.

It’s a sign of the changing attitudes of the nation’s biggest city to the issue.

“It’s a really important change for us, as well as for our local community, to be able to have a private facility for our citizens to go through their own private process and enjoy it and feel comfortable about that,” local councillor Sarah Bailes said.

The new facilities are being opened in the CBD of Perth’s CBD, and in nearby Adelaide.

“We’re looking at a range of products and we’re hoping to see a range more in the near future,” Ms Bailess said.

“In particular we’re looking for products that have a more natural texture, which can help to reduce the impact of blemishes.”

Ms Busses says she has received many enquiries about the facility, which she hopes to open in March.

“If we can have a facility that’s accessible to people of all ages, we can provide more services to people in our community,” she said.

In February, Perth became the first Australian city to open its own private tannery.

“There are other places in Australia, like Sydney, where they’ve gone private,” Ms Stavros said.

Ms Bannister is confident the facility will be successful.

“I think people have been quite patient, I think people are quite happy to have private facilities where they can go in and do their own process,” she added.

The company is also set to open a facility in Melbourne, where it plans to offer its own skin-care products.

“At this point, we’ve been working with the local community and people who live in the area, to see if they might want to come in for a consultation and to see what we can offer,” Ms Jernigan said.

Perth will have its own tanning facilities at the following locations: The Parc Parc, 20 Swanston Street, Perth, WA 3036, phone 03 9226 6221; The Bathroom Spa, 100 Queen Street, Bathurst, WA 3000, phone 02 8778 9200; and The Bath Room Spa, 200 Queen Street East, Melbourne, VIC 3122, phone 04 6277 3227.

The first Australian-run private tannerie opened in Perth in 2016.

A new one will open in the city in 2018.


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