Ladies, Are you Tired of not Looking & Feeling your Best?

"Trim & Tone Spa has the Solution!"

  INFRARED SAUNA - Detoxify & Burn Calories 

                     Infrared Sauna
       Detoxify, Burn Calories, Relieve Pain &

Benefits with Frequent Use:
1.) Detoxify Your Body.
2.) Burn 600 calories in a   
minute session.
3.) Melt cellulite & shed unwanted
4.) Eliminate toxins that drain you 
     of vibrant mental energy
5.) Softer younger looking skin
6.) Eliminate the cause of disease
7.) Relieves stress.
8.) Relieves Pain.

Luxsauna's unique infrared saunas use heating elements that emit infrared heat which is not as hot or uncomfortable as the typical hot rock saunas. They are also built with a non-toxic spruce interior so the wood does not give off toxic gases.

Infrared saunas have the ability to penetrate the body fast and deep. It is the only heat that penetrates deep and hot enough to melt fat. Our body stores excess acids and toxins. Infrared saunas help detoxify the body by melting fat at 104 degrees and then allows these toxins to be shaken loose so they can be eliminated out of your body through sweat.

With the help of our infrared saunas,  you detoxify by eliminating years of accumulated toxins and acids that your body stored in order to protect vital organs. 

The deep penetration of heat from the infrared sauna is a safe and a proven method to assist your body to rid itself of toxins, chemicals, and acids that nature did not plan for and therefore has no natural ability to metabolize or expel.


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