Ladies, Are you Tired of not Looking & Feeling your Best?

"Trim & Tone Spa has the Solution!"

Yoga, Tanning & Infrared Massage Bed

                 Yoga/Pilates Class
                     Also known as FUSION

Our Yoga class is part of the "Hatha Yoga" tradition and is a "Vinyasa" Style. The Vinyasa style involves linking several poses together using strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. Using a three part format, you will experience a warm-up phase, followed by a work phase and ending with deep stretching and relaxation. Core strengthening exercises will be included creating a Fusion of added abdominal work.

Classes are Mondays and
Wednesdays mornings at
8:00 and 9:05.  More classes can be added if needed.

Classes are sold in 4 week packages
(2 sessions per week)
Must have @ least 3 people in a class

Watch our informative video about our Yoga classes at: 

         Bring your personal yoga mat.

Call now to reserve your spot.
      331-6507 or email us at

  It is the mind itself that builds a 
           Trim & Tone body!

 Therasage Heated Jade   
           Massage Bed
          "Infrared Massage Bed"

- Increase Blood Circulation
- Promote Deep & Peaceful Sleep
- Soothe Rigid Joints
- Relieve Muscle Pain
- Reduce Body Toxins
- Release All Stress & Anxiety
  Great for Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and 
  Back Pain!

Shiatsu Leg/Foot Massager

Targets your feet, ankles and calves.
The reflexology rollers massage the arch, heel and ball of your foot.  Pressure nodes stimulate reflex points on the soles of your feet and also stimulate areas on the feet that correspond with other parts of the body.

They help to melt away tension, relieve stress and eliminates soreness and fatigue.

 - Increase Blood Circulation
- Relieve Tension and Stress
-Prevents soreness after workouts
-Helps to Tone and Shape your legs 

Other Services We Provide:
1) Tanning ($10/month for members)
2) 40% off Tanning Lotions
3) Nutritional Supplements
4) Shiatsu Leg/Foot Massagers
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