‘Criminal justice system is broken’: Judge who prosecuted George Zimmerman says it’s time to ‘turn the page’

A Florida judge who prosecuted former George Zimmerman is urging Florida voters to put an end to the state’s criminal justice system and turn the page on the “unfair and discriminatory” system.In a letter sent to supporters, Judge John S. Walton Jr. wrote that he believes the state needs to end racial profiling, racial bias and a culture of racial […]

‘The only thing that will keep us alive is our children’: U.S. women’s hockey team’s mom speaks out on the death of her daughter

SAN DIEGO — The only thing holding them together is their children.The families of three U.K. women who died during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, were devastated when they learned of the deaths on Thursday, but they also knew the tragedy was far from over.They said they were told that their daughters had suffered brain damage in the […]

Why we can’t talk about Trim-Tone: How Trump is undermining science and science-based medicine

Trim/Tone is a powerful tool to identify the underlying science that underlies a health problem, but it is also a powerful and often overlooked tool for addressing the underlying pathology.The underlying science is complex and often contradictory.As a result, the most effective way to address a health condition is to work together with a wide array of stakeholders and experts […]

Hillary Clinton’s campaign says it’s backing away from controversial video of her using a racial slur

The Clinton campaign has said it is pulling the plug on a video that it said was insensitive to African Americans and used a racial epithet against a police officer.The video was produced by the Des Moines chapter of the Black Lives Matter group and was widely viewed online.Clinton, who has a history of making controversial remarks about African Americans, […]

What to know about cellulite treatments

In the past few years, the popularity of cellulite treatment products has soared.They’re popular for women, and have been for men for a while now.But it’s important to understand how they work.This article will answer some of the most common questions people have about the treatments, including what they’re made of, what they contain and how they’re used.What are cellulite […]

How to make an actual toilet bowl

The real thing!A toilet bowl that can actually be used!The Ultimate Bathroom Bowl!An article that will get your butt into the act.The Ultimate Showering Bowl!The ultimate showering bowl!The Perfect Shower Table!The best toilet bowls for women!The toilet bowl of all time!The perfect toilet for every situation!A perfect toilet bowl!

‘It’s the first time I’ve ever felt comfortable’: Woman who tried a sauna for the firsttime says she felt ‘frightened’

A woman from South Korea who tried sauna therapy for the only time has said she feels “frightening” after her first experience.In a story for the South Korean news outlet, The Wall Street Journal, Choi Min-hyeong, 23, said she felt “frozen” after “just two sessions”.The 24-year-old, who had previously experienced a panic attack, said that after “getting to know my […]

Iowa spa: An indoor/outdoor Spa for $8 million

The owners of Iowa’s first indoor/outsider spa announced plans to build a $8.4 million indoor and outdoor structure at the former C&O Arena in Des Moines.The project is part of a larger renovation to the arena, which is currently undergoing renovations and has been vacant since April.The new structure will house an indoor and an outdoor spa.It will be designed […]

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