What is ‘tanning’?

A lot of people think that tanning is for girls, but this can also be applied to guys.In fact, many of the reasons guys go tanning include wanting to show off their body parts or their assets to the opposite sex.Here’s the basics about how you can get a tan without breaking the law.What is tanning?Tanned skin is a natural […]

How to avoid the Zika virus in Iowa

The Zika virus is spreading across the state, but a key question is: Are there enough beds in the state to meet the growing demand?Iowa has nearly 1.3 million residents, a figure that is expected to grow as more people move to the state.A new report from the Iowa Department of Public Health found that the state is already seeing […]

Why is Yoga so important for our health?

Yoga, the ancient, powerful and healing practice of yoga, has long been a popular form of exercise for both health and fitness.But as the practice continues to grow, it’s become increasingly popular for weight loss, too.It can help improve blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol and help people burn more calories.But how much does yoga really help with weight loss?Here are […]

How to use the word ‘I’ to describe someone

The word ‘idiot’ is not a synonym for “idiot” in the US, and that’s a huge step forward.We can say “I’m a moron” when we’re looking at someone, or “I know nothing about this” when looking at something we’re interested in.The term “idiots” is more or less an oxymoron.It doesn’t really convey the depth of our understanding of something, but […]

What’s the difference between cellulite and lumps?

With cellulite becoming a trend amongst women, I wondered if it was related to my weight.My doctor gave me a set of guidelines on what to do when I have cellulite.They said if you have the appearance, then you’re fine, and if you don’t, then it’s probably due to genetics.So I went on Google and came across Lululemon’s Lululoo, which […]

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