What is ‘tanning’?

A lot of people think that tanning is for girls, but this can also be applied to guys.In fact, many of the reasons guys go tanning include wanting to show off their body parts or their assets to the opposite sex.Here’s the basics about how you can get a tan without breaking the law.What is tanning?Tanned skin is a natural […]

Why do you need to wash your cello strings?

By now, you’ve probably seen cello string cleaning kits on the internet.These kits are all about using bleach to clean your cellos strings and then drying them, which can be done with a lot of different products, including bleach water, detergent, alcohol and vinegar.And while these cleaners will probably help you remove some of the dirt, you’ll still need to […]

How to lose inches in your life

VACU is a leading provider of weight loss and lifestyle advice and is committed to helping you achieve your goals.Vacuum is a UK-based company providing expert advice on all aspects of personal and professional wellbeing.They are the UK’s largest UK weight loss organisation with more than 30,000 members worldwide.VACU are committed to giving you the best possible service for your […]

What you need to know about the new AI research program at the University of California-Berkeley

The University of Cal-Berkely is making waves with a new research program aimed at creating a “human-like intelligence” for computers.The project is called the Advanced Cognitive Computing (ACE) Initiative, and it’s expected to start work next year.The new program is designed to take advantage of AI advances to build artificial intelligence systems that can outperform humans in tasks ranging from […]

Why is Yoga so important for our health?

Yoga, the ancient, powerful and healing practice of yoga, has long been a popular form of exercise for both health and fitness.But as the practice continues to grow, it’s become increasingly popular for weight loss, too.It can help improve blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol and help people burn more calories.But how much does yoga really help with weight loss?Here are […]

How to use the word ‘I’ to describe someone

The word ‘idiot’ is not a synonym for “idiot” in the US, and that’s a huge step forward.We can say “I’m a moron” when we’re looking at someone, or “I know nothing about this” when looking at something we’re interested in.The term “idiots” is more or less an oxymoron.It doesn’t really convey the depth of our understanding of something, but […]

How to use the best yoga mats in America

Des Moines and the surrounding area are known for being among the healthiest places in the US, and that has helped it get a spot in the top 10 of the world’s most popular yoga mats, according to new research.The US yoga mats category is one of the most popular in the world, with over 3.5 billion mats sold in […]

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