Which color is the perfect skin tone?

The sun doesn’t care about your skin tone.When the sun comes out of the clouds, it’s no longer the color of sunshine.It’s the color your skin needs to look the way you want it to.When it comes to skin tone, we need to take into account both the light and dark aspects of our skin.For instance, if you have an […]

How to lose inches without tanning

You don’t need to spend hours tanning to lose an inch.But you do need to lose some of the extra skin you have to wear a bikini.Here’s how.Step 1: Make sure your bikini is properly fitStep 2: Use the right amount of sunscreenStep 3: Apply your skin-tightening productStep 4: Get your bikini readyStep 5: Wear it for about an hour […]

How to lose inches on your bathtub

The water in your tub is what keeps you warm, and the infrared light that helps it heat your body helps you cool off.You probably use your bathroom at least once a day, and if you have a thermostat you probably use it a lot.But how much do you actually use your tubs water?If you’re like most Americans, you don’t […]

Yoga’s biggest myth is the “toning” it’s famous for

By Sarah M. Miller,The Washington PostBy JOSHUA STEWART, Associated PressAnaheim yoga teacher Ana Salgado and her students perform a session during a yoga class at the Kinko’s Yoga studio in Los Angeles, California, on March 10, 2017.The students wear tan robes.(AP Photo/Matt York)By JORDAN M. O’CONNOR, Associated JournalThe word “tanning” is one of the hottest buzzwords for the spa industry.But […]

When will the new Juventus Stadiums come online?

The new Juventus stadium will be ready to host football matches by the end of next year.The stadium, which is being built for the Serie A champions by French engineering firm Arquitectura, will be completed by the beginning of 2018.However, it is still expected to be a few months before it can be opened to the public.The new stadium will […]

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