Vacu step and Cellulite: Why do I love the new Vacu Step

It’s been an exciting couple of months for the new-model Vacu-Step.The brand’s new $399 price tag is only a little more than a quarter of the original $899 model.And while we’re still waiting on the company to launch a mass-market version, we have a few thoughts on the new model.1.It’s a great price for the quality.It doesn’t look like the […]

What do the Bulldogs have left in the tank?

It wasn’t a big shock when the Bulldogs announced a three-year, $20 million extension to head coach Ben Howland on Monday.The Bulldogs were hoping for a major deal but with a new head coach and new coaching staff, they had little to play for.However, Howland and the Bulldogs had other plans.“I can’t begrudge them a little bit of a push […]

Des Moines losing inches and trim and tone for VACU steps

Des Moines (AP) Des Moines lost a lot of inches at the VACUs steps, trimming and tone to create a more streamlined look.The school’s athletic director, Steve Johnson, said the changes are in the works, and the changes will take effect March 31.They include the addition of a new athletic clinic to the indoor and outdoor facilities, which will feature […]

How Iowa lost inches to sea level rise

Iowa lost nearly a foot of elevation to sea-level rise between 1970 and 2016, according to new research by the University of Iowa.Researchers found that the state lost about 6 inches of elevation during that time.The study, which was published online by the American Geophysical Union, found that about 2,600 acres (600 hectares) of land in Iowa was lost between […]

What you need to know about the new AI research program at the University of California-Berkeley

The University of Cal-Berkely is making waves with a new research program aimed at creating a “human-like intelligence” for computers.The project is called the Advanced Cognitive Computing (ACE) Initiative, and it’s expected to start work next year.The new program is designed to take advantage of AI advances to build artificial intelligence systems that can outperform humans in tasks ranging from […]

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